Monday, February 21, 2011

Greeting form your Friendly Neibourhood Missionary

Thank you so much for all the letters this week it really brightens up my week not that it isn't super bright already. To just assure any doubters, I do read all of the letters that come and think about them I just do not always have time to reply to all of them. So with out any further delaying lets get on to my week.

 First of all last Tuesday. The reason for this is because as you may recall last tuesday was my previous P-day because of the zone confrence that we had on Monday. So starting with Tuesday. After writting the last letter we had lunch and then I went to get a Euro shirt because they look nicer and that is all there is to it. After shopping we watched a movie (Cloudy with a Chance of Meat Balls) and had dinner. After dinner we went out and worked. The first thing we did was call some reciveds that we had gotten throughout the previous week and then we had to be down in the church for cleaning. After cleaning we went out to the north-western part of town to meet with a guy we had met while street boarding. His family though said no when we came by so with 5 min's tell we had to be back home we went home.

 Now we have the wonderful apportunity of viewing the events of Wensday. Right after our early morning studies we went out and surveyed for a while. It was fun and we were able to talk with a lot of people and even got some reciveds. After doing this for about 3 hours we had lunch and then met with a investagator of ours named George (I am translating the names to their english equivilent for you guys in bulgairian it sounds like this Georgi.) The meeting was fine. With him because he is an old grandpa he likes to talk a lot, so sometimes it feels like a waste of time. We stick in there though and by the end of the lesson something good comes out like this time we were able to commit him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon to see if it is true. After this meeting we had a language study and then met with Mima. Mima was great as always. She had read the booklets we had given her and had made notes in them. For the first half of the lesson we just went over the questions that she had and one of them was about resuriction. We were able to teach her about the plan of salvation because of this and that everybody that had lived on the earth will have and immortal and perfect body. She had trouble accepting that every body would be resuricted and we tried to explain the difference between immortality and Enternal life/happieness which has to be earned. She understood us but still couldn't agree with the resuriction of everyone, but, here is the cool part, she said that if she need to belive she would even though she didn't agree with it now. It is so refreshing to see such a simple and true faith in things that are right like she has. After this wonderful meeting with her we went tracting in the North-western side of town. It wasn't very succesful, no one wanted to listen to us and one of them kicked us out of the apartment complex. It alright though and its normal. I actually find it quite funny that people get so defensive over two 19-21 year old boys just wanting to talk to them. Anyway after tracting for about an hour it was time to head in.

 And now we begin the wonderful day of Thursday. Thursday was fun. After getting morning studies done we decided to have language study and then lunch. After lunch we went and paid for the electricty, got some homework copied for english, and then started to survey. We had two clipboards so while standing on the the same street we both tried to stop people. It was fun and my first time trying to survey all by myself. Not many people stopped to talk with me but I still and some success and it was very beneficial to my language. After surveying we went back and had English class. I had made a box calle "The Fun Box" and then I put severle different subjects inside. For english I had them randomly pick a subject (like "You are stranded on a deserted Island) and then tell me a small story or something about it. The students liked it a lot. After english Elder Rowden and I went on splits and went trackting with little to non success. We came back had dinner and then went to bed.

 Now we have Friday. After our morning studies we planned for the week and then took care of zone fund. We finished around two and then went down to the church and had a meeting with a recent convert named Valintiena. We WERE going to teach her about temples, but she basicly taught us. It was amazing aparently she had read the special temple liahona twice and then during the lesson she basicly recited the whole thing. She knew more about temples and their history than I did and I grew up in the church. I have to admit it now she is a vertifiable geniues. Anyway afte this meetting we had another meeting with two people that travel all around bulgaria for work. The didn't show so we called them and found out that they had to leave for another city that was 50 km away from the nearest missionaries. We told them that we would call them back in a couple of days to see were they were then and then set up a meetting for them with the nearest Elders. After this we went and sent off the Zone fund record and then met with Miroslave out in Opanets. Miroslav was doing great and was wondering why we hadn't come earlier. We told him that we had tried to call but that we couldn't get through. He appoligized because he had got a new phone and had for got to tell us. Other than that the meetting went well and then we had to leave to catch the bus back home. When we got back we tractted for a bit and then went in for dinner and bed. '

Saturday was a lot of fun. First thing after the morning studies was english class. What we did this time was pick out a subject from the "Fun Box" and then together as a class made a story. It was a lot of fun and when it is finished I will post it up on the blog for all to see. After english we had lunch and then a meetting with Tihomir. The meetting was fine but even though Tihomir has a testimony he doesn't want to be baptized becaues it isn't for him, because he is different. He has had a tough life and we are trying to tell him that the gospel is for him. Lets just say it is a work in progress and that I pray for him. After Tihomir we met with a member from Shumen who is good friends with Elder Corless. The meeting was fun and he even agreed to go to a lesson with us. The guy for the lesson nevered showed though because of the bad weather. So we said good bye to the member and then went tracting for a bit. After tracting we came home went to bed and now we begin sunday.

 Sunday was a little disapointing because we only had 11 people at church (including all four of us missionaries) and only three of them were members. The members were outnumbered by the non-members. Anyway church was still really good and uplifting. After church we had to meet a lady that was doing the census for bulgaria. So guess what I am now officialy counted on the Bulgarian Census, YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After she was done we called some people and then went contacting and tracting all day with some success. We came home around eight for dinner and then went to bed. Now we are on today Monday. Yes there is something to say. This morning before coming to write we got a call from an investagator who said he needed to meet with us. So we said yes we would becuase he couldn't meet anyother time and he said it was urgent. We met with him and basicly the hightlites were we gave him a blessing for health and he agreed to be baptized ont he 26th of march. That was a really great lift for the day and probally why my letter is so happy and bubbly.

 That is my week and now I have some annocments. The major annocment is that as of two weeks ago I have lost 37.5 pounds (17 Kg) I am now resting at a comfortable 200.5 pounds (91 Kg.) That is all for this week and that you so much for all the letters and email and please keep sending them and more.


Austin James Ewell

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