Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hey Everybody

Hey everybody ready to hear about my week.

Monday: After writing to you guys we hung out with the other elders all day.  At night we needed a ton of new cleaning supplies because we were all out so we went and got those.

In the Morning we went out and contacted.  And in the Afternoon we contacted.  With Dimiter gone our teaching pool is down to one investagator who can't meet much.  So we are basically contacting all the time and meeting with as many members as we can.  At night though the Ap's came over to go on splits with us on Wednesday.  It was fun having them over and sorry mom but I pulled out some money to treat them to a nice dinner.

So in the morning we had district meeting.  District Meeting was fun and afterwards we all went to this restruant  called the Golden Pear.  After eating Elder Morgan and I (yea he is Ap so I got to work with him again) went contacting all day. We got one persons number and a meeting with another.  It was good to talk with him again though and it was a fun day working with him.  In the Evening they left to go back to Sofia and we had language study and Dinner.

In the morning we Contacted, in the afternoon we did some tasks and in the evening we had english.  It was a good day just not much to mention.

In the morning we did some contacting and then we had a meeting with a member name Ivan.  He is really cool and one of our youth here.  He also plans on serving a mission so that is really exciting.  After him we had lunch and weekly planning then we had another meeting with the branch clerk.  It was good to get to know him and we had a fun time looking at pictures.  After him we had to do some ward list work because we have a big excursion planned for Tuesday.  We are going to Pazarjik a city that was closed to visit the members there.  So we had to get them of of the ward list for Plovdiv and make one of our own so it would be easier to find them all.

In the morning we had English and I was helping teach first level this time.  It was fun and I really enjoyed it a lot.  We then cleaned the building extremely well because we had a youth activity that night in the church and it needed to be cleaned really bad.  We then had the activity.  We only played ping-pong, some other little games, and had Musacka.  It was really fun though and after wards I was exaughsted.

We first of all went to church and then after church it was contacting all day. Yea.

I am so grateful for all of your guy's letters and I wish you the best.

Elder Austin James Ewell

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