Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Well New Years was amazing as always but the rest of the week sucked because no one would talk to us and all of our investigators were gone so here it goes anyways.

After writing you guys we hung out the rest of the day, and then contacted at night.

Well Tuesday was a pattern for the rest of the week.  Most of our day was spent preparing to advertise and advertising for English.  It was good and needs to be done but it isn't fun how it takes a huge chunk out of our week.  Luckily it is only once a transfer if that.

Well aside for district meeting Wednesday was like Tuesday.  District meeting was good though and I enjoyed it a lot.

Well more English advertising and contacting.

Well more English, but during weekly planning we managed to organize the members we are in charge of into a list.  This will help us a ton with being able to meet with them.

Well here is where the letter get long.  First of all we finished advertising for English!  Yea!  The next part deals with New Years here.  First of all New years here is like a war zone.  People all over the place fire of fireworks.  They even fire them at other people (I am talking about big ones too not just Roman Candles.)  So for our safety we were not allowed to work or were church cloths once it got dark.  So we had all the Elders in Plovdiv come to our place (Since there is enough room there,) we ordered pizza, and played games and watched movies until Midnight.  At Midnight we got on the roof of our apartment building to watch fireworks.  Well just like last year it was chaos.  There were fire works everywhere.  There were people shooting them off from their windows and balconies and even right next to our apartment building.  I will try to post the videos.  Also we saw some one who accidently set off fireworks in their apartment (nothing caught fire.)  It was crazy.  After it started to calm down (even though fireworks were going off all night) we went to bed.

Well Church wasn't till two and we couldn't contact because nobody is out in the morning New Years Day.  So we got ready and did some tasks then we went to church.  Church was good but we were stuck there the rest of the day so that sucked.

Well that was the week but now everything should be back to normal and no more breaks until I get home see you all then.

Elder Ewell

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