Friday, December 24, 2010

A Short Letter

Well this last week was really busy and I don't have much time to talk so this is going to be short. On thursday we had a meeting with a potentionl investagator named Nadezhda (means hope.) It went alright but we couldn't teach because she talked alot. We then had english and now onto friday. Friday we actually had some snow YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally but because of this we had to go and shovel the walk way to the church and Ice it so that took a while. We then had a meating with our investagator Roomen. It went alright but we still can't get him to commit to baptizim. After that we went to have a meeting with a enternal investagator which was fun and we hopefully got them started on the way to baptism.

Saturday was english and the christmas party The party was great and a ton of fun. Sunday was great and we had a good turn out from the christmas party there too. Monday was weird because it was a work day and we basiclly contacted all day. Tuesdasy we contacted meet with a young investagator who had come to church for the last two sundays. She is really smart and already thinks this church is true.

A cool thing that happened on Sunday is that a lady waited outside of the church until we talked with her and she said she wants herself and her family to be baptized. That was really strange but the other Elders meet with her and apparntly she is liget and she has a date for the 19th of feburary.

Anyway back to tuesday. We meet with Roomen and we are 90% certain he will come to church now Yea. Wensday was fun we got to meet with Youly and his wife Julie who are very nice and very smart. After the meeting with them we went to the church were some very nice potential investagators held a traditional Provoslov christmas for us without the incence or Icons (pictures of saints they pray too.) It was actually really cool and full of sybolism that if I had more time I would explain but it is all in the jornal and planner and I will explain in my Phone call home.

Thursday we went caroling on the glav which may not of gotten immedate referals but it increadbly helped our image and we hope to reap the benifts for weeks to come. I was singing strait for 2 hours my voice was shot but it was fun. We then had English and went to a ligit opera concert that we were personaly invited to by the administrater of the theater and which we got permision to go to. It was amazing and alot of our english students were there as well. There was a Austrailian singing in the the concert as well and we actually got to talk with him afterwords. The concert was really good and I was really impressed. And now I have caught up with mondern day and today we are going to Velio Turnivo which is the old capital and seeing the Giant catsle/fortress there that should be aton of fun. Sorry this was so short but I get to talk tomorow so yea!

Austin James Ewell

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