Monday, August 16, 2010

An Update

So Anna, here is what I know. He is enjoying the MCT and the things he is learning. He says that the language is hard and the showers are cold and the days are always the same. He talked about being able to work in the Teaching Resource Center where they first talk with people in Bulgarian and then teach in English. He said they would do that one more time and then it would be straight Bulgarian. He told us about his companion, Elder Hubert. He played rugby for BYU and said that they were getting along great. The first picture is of them. He included a special section in his letter just for Anna. He urged you to let Nate have a puppy. We have nine at our house right now. He said, "You have to get Nate one. I urge you to get one for Nate because Nate would love you ten times more and Claire would be bubbling, and your life would be blessed." He said to tell everyone that drew him pictures that he loves them and he said thank you for all the treats and packages. In his first letter he told about his day trip to LA to sign papers at the consulate. He said that is was fun to hand out pass along cards and talk to people.

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  1. Now that's what I'm talking about regarding an update. Not sure about the puppy angle. You have 9 at your house?? What??? Somebody needs to give that dog of yours some birth control! Nate is currently in the process of earning a dog. He has to have perfect behavior for 30 consecutive days. :) I figure I'm pretty safe.