Friday, August 20, 2010

This Weeks Update

I am just going to type most of his letter word for word-
Dear Family,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the squeaky cheese and the other goodies that were in the pillowcase. I can't believe you managed to send it. The guy at the mail room even said its the first time he has seen one sent. I don't even want to think about what will come next. I have been working hard and to answer the big question, yes the language is coming. I am even writing my g's how the Bulgarians do but their g's sound like d. I have memorized about 100 words and the list keeps growing. The grammer is easy for me at least the only thing I have trouble with is vocab. This week has been pretty boring it has basicly wake up, eat, study, eat, study, eat, sleep, repeat. I am grateful for the pictures. I knew about the one in my scriptures (I do read them contrary to belief) I just want more because Bulgarians are huge into families and love to see pictures. So can I get some more like ones of extended family as well. Something is wrong with my left knee, it hurts to kneel on it. It feels the same as when I injured it is 9th grade. Other then that I am doing great and can't wait to get to Bulgaria. Oh yeah I hear they have cherry and pumpkin bonetza. (Oh yummy!) How is it going there? I hope you all are having fun. McKenzie no talking to boys! (just kidding, no I'm serious) I have started a contest for my aunts on mom's side. I am grading the winner on frequency, contents, length of letter, and special clauses. Becky-John needs to send a letter every week I am here! Anna-needs to get a puppy for Nate (one of Maggie's) and send proof. If I leave before they are ready send a legal document that you did! Merr-just keep the good stuff coming. Kerry-be sending me letters every week. Gina-same as Kerry but if little Max can get a job in the MTC while at BYU (I have to see him) that counts too. If one of them meet the SC, that is specific to them and no others do then they win. If none of them do or they all meet the special clause then the previous gradings will come into account. The rankings right now are 1st Merr, 2nd Anna, 3rd Becky, 4th tied Gina and Kerry. You guys didn't answer my question-where did Maggie have her puppies? I like it here. It isn't terrible yet not marvelous. I feel like everything I do is on an impossible schedule and I will be sent home if I don't do well. Also P-days are boring because we are trapped here with nothing to do aaarrrggg. Anyways I am having fun and I hope you are too. You are in my prayers. Love, Elder Ewell

Okay so I don't know what the prize is for the contest! He is definitely a funny boy!


  1. OK, I guess i need to send a letter so I can be in the contest. I wonder if cousins on mom side will fit in his catagory.
    Love the updates. Big job Leslie. Talked to James this morning on facebook chat. Thanks for having Jamie over. Miss you guys.

  2. Anna will be losing the competition soon because we will NOT BE TAKING ONE OF MAGGIES PUPPIES! IF we get a puppy it will not be a big one. I can try to keep up on letters, but if Tanners mission was a track record, I think I wrote him twice once he left the MTC. I should send him another package though, bummer you guys beat me to squeeze cheese.