Monday, March 28, 2011

Were did my week go?

Hello everybody and were in the world did my week go. Anyway it was so nice today to open up my email and find my mailbox full this morning so thank you for all the letters. Spring is kind of back it was warm all week but then got cold again this morning. Anyway I am delaying the inevitable and should probally jump into my weekly report.

Monday: First of all after writting you guys we went tie shopping, grabed a pizza and then watched movies because Elder Brinkerhoff and Rowden were orderd by sister Roth to not do anything for a couple days. After the movies we got ready for work and then called everyone in our area book to see if anyone could meet. No one could so we went out to track and everysingle entrance we tried was closed and locked so after about an hour of trying to contact people we went back home for bed.

Tuesday: After our morning studies we had language study and then had a meeting with a recived that we had. She never showed so we than had lunch and went out to survey. After surveying for a while we met with the lady we had found last week that used to be the churches landlord. We met her in her office (her name is Lilyana, Kenzie you would love it her because half the girls that I meet our named lily something) The meeting went alright and we got her to promise to find her old book of mormon and read from it. After the meeting with her we went and met with Mima. The meeting turned into damage control because she didn't think that Angelina should be baptized. It was actually kind of scary because she used the book of mormon to prove her point. Okay not scary just, I don't know it is the best word, but anyway she used the christ attributes part in third nephi. We helped her understand that to be baptized you don't have to be perfect and that Angelina was prepared. She addmited that she was probally being judgemental and she said she would most likely come to the baptisim and if she felt good about it then she would belive that it was alright. Just goes to show that your example can mean everything. What astounds me is that this all came from Angelina acting like a normal teenager. Anyway Mima did come and she did feel good so we haven't lost her which makes me happy and a lot less worried. Though she won't be able to meet for two weeks because she will be in sofia and that will be after transferes. Which are this week AHHHHHHHHHH!!! After the meeting with Mima we met with Angelina and Gena was there with her. They are starting to get along great which is wounderful and Gena helped Angelina put together her program. Actually Gena is giving the closing prayer and I had the talk on the holy ghost (tell you about that later.) After putting together her program we talked with her about behavior and she took it seriously and has been acting a lot more respectable and appreciatable now which is good. During our meeting with her Violeta came in to give us dinner so Angelina and Gena stayed for it. Also Yordan came as well. After dinner Valintina came for cleaning and we found out that she has turned missionary on us. She had befriended a english student that was coming to church, taught her a little about the gospel, and gave her the notes that she had taken when she was taking the lessons (yes she did take notes. She is amazing!) Well her friend came during cleaning because they were going somewhere together. We got her information and we have an invite to go to her place for a visit with the other elders.

Wendsday: We left early in the morning to go to Sofia for a Large Group Tranning meeting. Once there the meeting started and it was really good. Sorry but I won't go into detials right now because I can't remeber every thing and you can just wait to read it from my talk journal latter. We learned about how rules are there to protect us and that buy obeying them we gain freedom. Also on what makes a good missionary. After wards we picked up stuff that we needed and than talked with everyone and took some pictures. We got a bus home and went to bed.

Thursday: In the morning we went and typed up the programs and then went and met with Valitine. Actually it was really cool we had tracted in on him in the begining of this transfere (about two months ago) and it had been just a approach were we gave him a broucher and nothing else. He did give us an email so we could play chess with him but other than that we didn't expect to see him again. Well he had come to church last sunday and said he wanted to learn more about the church. So we met with him and went over he intire first lesson with a lot of distractions because he went off subject a ton. After our meeting with him and commiting him to read the book of mormon we went and got ready for english. English was fun and Elder Rowden and I taught them about Verbal nouns. After english we went and bought some baptisim supplies and then up to bed.

Friday: Basiclly woke up set up the font down stairs in the church. Came upstairs got ready and made cookie dough to be cooked on saturday. Went back down found Angelina with a friend that was coming to the baptisim and bought some treats for the baptisim with them. Then we made copies of the program after a minor fix and started to fill the font. The other elders came because they weren't supposed to do anything and decided that being at the church helping us was better than doing nothing. Well we needed them because the font sprung a leak again and I along with Elder Brinkerhoff ended up under the font holding back all the water so that Elders Rowden and Corless could patch the leak. THe patch half way worked so we ended up having to mop and towle off the floor every hour or two and keep drying off towels. Gena and Yordan came by and we played ping pong for a bit, ate chineas food, and then plugged in the heaters to warm up the water which of course blows the main circut for that part of the building. So we have to call our landlord and he comes and fixes it after we franticly clean up because last time there was a baptisim. The water had leaked into the basment and he was super made and basicly told us that we couldn't do any more baptisims. Luckly he didn't notice and he even showed us how to get to the main breaker so we could flip the circuit back on. Well after some experimenting we found we could only have one light on with the heaters in so we cleaned up one more time and went upstairs. We then woke up at 11:30pm, 2:00am, and went down when we woke up at 6:30 to clean and mop again.

Saturday: After cleaning and moping we came upstairs got ready, made my cookies, greated the other elders, and went down to the baptism. The baptism was great Angelina was supper excited, Mima came and so did some of our other investagators, and Angelina's friend came and we found out that she wants to be taught too. The baptism of Angelina was really sweet and you could feel the spirit if you got over worrying that the font was leaking. My talk went alright it would of been better if I didn't have to read it off (my bulgarian is still not good enough to do a talk on improve.) And after words every loved my cookies and there was pleanty of food. After all the festivitys Elder Corless and I changed into shorts and T-shirts and started to emptie out the font. All the kids had stayed and they helped as well. It took the whole rest of the day to clean up everything and we went to bed exhausted. Oh Gena's mom also came to the baptism and said that she would come to church as well. It's amazing because it would be the first time in five years that she would be at church.

Sunday: Got up exhausted and got ready for church. We then went down to church and it was great. Mima came again and even Gena's mom came as well. We conferemed Angelina and the branch president was there. He actually gave her a calling as well. She is now called to conduct the music in sacrament meeting. After church we played hacky sack with Angelina and Vera and then went out street boarding all day. We then came back home and hit the sack.

Monday (Today): Woke up not as exhausted as before and cleaned, shopped, came to write, and we are going to go clothes shopping and then Elder Rowden and Brinkerhoff are still a little sick so we are going to watch movies again.

Elder Austin James Ewell

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