Monday, October 18, 2010

Third Week in Bulgaria, Where does the time go?

First I would like to say were did the last two weeks go didn't I just get here yesterday AHHHH!!!!!!!  Okay now that, that is off my chest I will continue with my letter.  It was a fun week this week.  We got an incredable investagator named Marko.  He only has one eye but he is incredably cool and does his homework.  Our last meeting with him he even asked if he could bring a friend.  It felt like the heavens had opened.  Were has this guy been hidding.  Any way we meet with him again today and I hope nothing wierd or strange comes up as so often does 'knock on wood.'  Any way this week was kind of averege we did a lot of contacting and I am working on doing a survey and giving a broucher on my own.  The only problem is if they ask a question then I am screwed.  Luckly my compainion will be there and he can understand them so I don't miss something important.  We also meet with this couple this week were the husband (I think) only has one arm (I know it seems like I am starting a ward of criples doesn't it especially since our branch pres is in a wheel chair, we have one with either OCD or Schitzophrenia, and two other ones that we have been warned about.)  The meeting was a book of mormon drop off meeting.  Their names our Gosh and Haydiyalka (Hay-dee-yal-ka.)  We meet them while street boarding within about 5 min's.  We were talking about the book of mormon and they were intrested.  They want to become closer to christ so we told them that by reading the book of mormon they could.  So we set up a meeting at there house.  The first time we went we got lost because we thought it was a block (apartment complex) and not a home. It was alright though because they were out of town anyways.  We met with them the next day and they were really intrested.  They also wanted to watch a movie so we watched the restoration video and loaned it to them.  After wards we prayed and set up another oppointment to teach them more on thursday wish me luck.  This sunday we had a district confrence in plovdiv and that was alot of fun.  There were enough members there to fill up the entire chaple and that is impressive.  I had alot off fun and got to meet a lot of people.  There were some good talks when they were given in english and some good chances to learn a lot more bulgarian.  We also met some girls that the previous missionarys had been working with.  They were pretty cool but the previous missionarys forgot to tell us that they had just turned sixteen.  Anyway past that accuradness the meeting was really fun and we are going to play amercian football with them and a bunch of their friends today so that should be fun.
Well that is my week.  Sorry that it isn't as long as my other letters but sometimes you just get a nice good flowing week. First to answer some questions.  One sorry grandpa the video link didn't come through so I didn't get to see it.  Second Thank you for the recipies mom.  Third I liked the pictures and I am glad you guys had fun in moab.  Fourth Mckenzie how dare you kiss him before I gave my permission, you have my permission I finally remebered who Destry was and tell him sorry that I couldn't remeber I am terrible at names and how is the debate team doing.  Finally what are your guys shoe sizes and please give me the european versions for example mine is a 48.  Just my imidate faimly please and katie of course it is pertanant that I get this information asap other wise, well you will find out I already have given away to much information by asking for the sizes any ways.  If you can't find out Eruopean I think that will be fine it will just be a bit harded for me.  The Eruopean should be on a tag on the tounge of most of you shoes so double check for me and dad what is you faviort color?
Love The Amazing
Austin James Ewell

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